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  • To obtain a challenging position in the areas of web development and information technology.
  • Eastern Michigan University - Ypsilanti, MI.
      • MS in Technology Management
      • GPA: 3.97
        • Concentration in Information Assurance
      • BS in Technology Management
      • GPA: 3.76
      • December 2007
  • Washtenaw Community College - Ann Arbor, MI.
      • Oracle Developer Post-Associate Certificate
      • December 2005
      • AAS in Internet Professional
      • GPA: 3.71
      • December 2004
        • Technical Option
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Summary of Qualifications
  • Versatile developer/programmer in both front-end ((X)HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery) and back-end (PHP, MySQL, ColdFusion, Oracle, PL/SQL).
  • Information Assurance professional with experience with:
    • Disk examination for corrupted files as well as malicious user activity.
    • Creation of Risk and Vulnerability Assessment as well as Audit reports.
  • Years of experience with different computer platforms (Windows, UNIX, Mac OS) including computer security and system administration.
  • Self-starter and motivated team player with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to follow a project from concept to completion, including requirements specification, information architecture, and technical implementation.
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Professional Experience
  • Senior Interface Engineer at Visual Alchemy (May 2011 – Current)
    Websites worked on:
    * = credentials required
    Additional projects:
    • Managed e-mail campaigns using JangoMail
    • Sliced and optimized creative and coded HTML e-mails for various campaigns
    • Worked on iPad application based on Appcelerator Titanium
  • Serving multiple web developing roles for the New York City – Toronto (NYTO) Group website (March – June 2010 / July 2011 – Current).
  • Webmaster for the Serbian Unity Congress - Detroit Chapter website (May 2005 - Current).
  • Contract HTML Coder at Experian CheetahMail (December 2010 – February 2011).
  • Serving multiple web developing roles for the RealtyTOP application and website (March – July 2010).
  • Manager, Bartender, Server at the Brown Jug Restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI (September 2004 – July 2009).
  • Lab assistant for the Internet Professional and Computer Information Systems programs, Washtenaw Community College (September 2004 - December 2007).
  • Assistant developer for the Venturelli Studio website (Summer 2005).
  • Served multiple web developing roles during the creation of the "BreakOut" Marketing Group website (July 2004).
  • Coder/programmer for the English version of the "Schinderwies Productions" website (Winter 2004).
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  • IA Software: Forensic Toolkit Suite, Event Log Explorer, Wireshark, Kill Disk, etc.
  • Web Development:
    • Front-End: (X)HTML(5), CSS(3), Responsive Design, JavaScript, jQuery, ExtJS, Appcelerator Titanium, AJAX, VB .Net, CGI, XML, XSL, etc.
    • Back-End: Python (Django), PHP (CakePHP and CodeIgniter), ColdFusion MX, Oracle, PL/SQL, MySQL, Linux Scripting, etc.
  • OS: Windows 95 – 7, UNIX/Linux (Red Hat, Knoppix), Mac OS 9.x – Mountain Lion.
  • Cross-Browser Development: IE, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape.
  • Editors: Notepad, Notepad++, HTML-Kit, vi, Dreamweaver MX, HomeSite.
  • Imaging: Photoshop, ImageReady, MS Paint.
  • Additional Software: MS Office Suite, iSQL*Plus, Adobe Acrobat, Sambar Server
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  • Available upon request
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