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I am a versatile Web developer/programmer with established skills in both front-end ((X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery) and back-end (PHP, MySQL, ColdFusion, Oracle, PL/SQL) technologies. In addition to developing websites, I have experience in website architecture, usability engineering, interface design, project management, and e-business. My web developing skills primarily have been acquired from my class work in the Internet Professional (INP) Program at Washtenaw Community College.

Receiving Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Technology Management from the Eastern Michigan University has expanded my knowledge about how to effectively lead and manage technological change and apply the concepts of technology management to the development of organizational strategy. I was able to explore the dynamics of innovation and identify techniques for managing new technology as well as acquire technological forecasting and assessment skills to understand how technology affects values and social structure. Concentrating my MS degree in Information Assurance, gave me opportunities to evaluate organizations, write policies and develop plans to provide foundation for information security. It also prepared me to assist organizations in meeting their information security needs to protect government and private information systems.

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